Vocal Teachers


Vocal Teachers at Bountiful Music

Name City Telephone E-Mail Demographic Specialties Accept new students?
Narlene Allen Bountiful Music / Ogden (801) 745-7299 narleneallen@gmail.com Age 12+


All styles. Long term and short term project coaching

Natalie Foster Bountiful Music (385) 528-7640 voicelessonsbynatalie@aol.com All ages Pop, jazz, broadway, country, classical, R&B. Yes
Shaylee Ray Bountiful Music (801) 473-1783 shaylee.luke@gmail.com Ages 8 and up, beginner to intermediate Classical, sacred, musical theatre. Yes


Additional Vocal Teachers

Name City Telephone E-Mail Demographic Specialties Accept new students?
Rose Anderson Centerville (801) 295-4802 lowcadre1@gmail.com All ages, beginning (<4 years experience). Art songs, Broadway, Disney, sacred. Yes
Wendy Fischer Centerville (801) 298-5340   Ages 5 to 18. Emphasis on composition, music appreciation, and making learning fun. Yes
Becky Gardner Bountiful (312) 434-1141   Preschool to high school. All styles, improvisation and composition. Yes
Jessieann Hibbard Bountiful (801) 471-9360 jessieannh@gmail.com All ages and skill levels. Classical foundation with branches in jazz, theatre, and music the student enjoys. Yes
Allison James North Salt Lake (801) 560-0246 allisonjamesmusic@gmail.com All ages, all levels. Artist development from the first stages of learning music to writing your own professionally recorded song. 15 years of teaching and songwriting experience. Yes
Laurel James Centerville (801) 558-1938 laurel.james@comcast.net Ages 11 and older. Classic Italian-based technique. Yes
Barbara Jenkins   (801) 643-2393 jenkinsvocalstudio@gmail.com     Yes
Cami Knight Bountiful (385) 626-9313 camiknight@letsplaymusicsite.com Young children - start at age 2-6, beginners. Making music fun! Music theory, piano, voice, classical music, note reading, ear training. Yes
Melissa Mills Farmington (385) 223-9618 melissamills31@gmail.com Works with singers of all ages. Jr. High, High School, audition prep. Yes
Rebecca Russon Bountiful (801) 295-7789 rlsruss@msn.com All ages, all levels, all styles of music. Choral audition coach, damaged voice rehab, Bacherlor's degree in choral music. Yes
Brian Saunders Ogden, Sandy (801) 710-4469 www.unfurledmusic.com All ages and skill levels. All styles. Yes
Brittney Wood Bountiful/Layton Ogden/Uintah Kaysville/Murray (615) 579-0891 brittneysing@aol.com Beginner to professional. Pop, rock, country, broadway. Technique, style, and stage presence. Yes