Piano Teachers


Piano Teachers at Bountiful Music

Name City Telephone E-Mail Demographic Specialties Accept new students?
Katherine Knighton Bountiful Music (571) 278-2730 knightonpiano@gmail.com Youth only.   Yes


Additional Piano Teachers

Name City Telephone E-Mail Demographic Specialties Accept new students?
Rose Anderson
Centerville (801) 295-4802 lowcadre1@gmail.com Beginning students.   Yes
Kristina Bancroft Bountiful (801) 425-3306 kristinabancroft@hotmail.com All Ages.   Yes
Valarie Beer Centerville   beervalarie@gmail.com Reading level to high school.   Yes
Amber Burningham Farmington (801) 652-4779 amberscouponoffers@gmail.com Beginning to intermediate.   Yes
Kendra Clark Kaysville (801) 589-8353 musicskool@hotmail.com Beginning to intermediate.   Yes
Amy Clarke Farmington (801) 391-2926 acsclarke@gmail.com Beginning and intermediate, ages 5 to 16.   Yes
Makenna Davis North Salt Lake / Bountiful (435) 764-8703 makennalyndavis@gmail.com All ages. Classical, theory, improvisation. Yes
Wendy Fischer Centerville (801) 298-5340   Ages 5 to 18. Composition, music appreciation, making learning fun. Yes
Shelby Fisher West Bountiful (801) 390-4681 shelbypfisher@gmail.com Beginning to middle grade.   Yes
Lynette Freeze Bountiful (801) 721-5524 88freezekeys@gmail.com Beginning to late intermediate, ages 4 and up. Group and individual lessons, all genres, improvisation and composition. Yes
Becky Gardner Bountiful (312) 434-1141 bhgardner@gmail.com Pre-school to high school and adults. All styles. Improvisation and composition. Yes
Christy Gibson Centerville (801) 413-8164 mgibson7717@yahoo.com All ages welcome. Beginning piano.


Liz Graden Bountiful (801) 310-0210 lizgraden@gmail.com All ages, beginner and intermediate skill levels. Traditional music reading and artistic performance, chord reading, improvisation, and ear training. Yes
Jeri Graybill Centerville (801) 647-1024 thegraybillies@gmail.com Beginning to advanced, age 7 to adult. Traditional foundation, supplemental pieces of interest as student progresses.  Yes
Vida Gruendell Layton (801) 499-9433 vgruendell@yahoo.com  Beginning to advanced, age 7 to adult. Classical, sacred, contemporary. Emphasis on rhythm.  Yes
Tom Harris Salt Lake City (801) 484-1672 tchjazz7@msn.com   Classical and jazz. Yes
Marilyn Hart Kaysville (801) 425-4992 mwhart20@yahoo.com Beginning to advanced, ages 7 and up. Keyboard Express Chord Method, improvisation and composition in every key. Yes
Jessieann Hibbard Bountiful (801) 471-9360 jessieannh@gmail.com All ages and skill levels. Classical foundation, jazz, musical theater. Yes
Allison James North Salt Lake (801) 560-0246 allisonjamesmusic@gmail.com All ages, all levels. Artist development from the first stages of learning music to writing your own professionally recorded song. 15 years of teaching and songwriting experience. Yes
Diana Jones Bountiful (801) 888-1399 gammyj2000@yahoo.com Children to teens, levels 1 to 3.   Yes
Cami Knight Bountiful (385) 626-9313 camiknight@letsplaymusicsite.com Young children - start at age 2-6, beginners. Making music fun! Music theory, piano, voice, classical music, note reading, ear training. Yes
Becky Lowe Centerville (801) 719-7216 raslowe@gmail.com Beginners, early intermediate.
Specializing in sight reading, accompanying, basic ability to sit down and play whatever you want. 30 years of experience.


Carol Lowe Farmington (503) 624-5056 tashapug@yahoo.com All Ages Specializes in teaching adults. Beginner through advanced. Yes
Sierra Lyon North Salt Lake/Foxboro (435) 770-9631 sierraspianostudio@gmail.com Youth.   Yes
Kyle McKenna  Centerville/ Farmington (801) 707-3690 kyle@mckennasmusic.com Ages 4 to 18, some adults. All genres, composition, arranging, theory, and improvisation. Yes
Eliza Nelson Bountiful (801) 678-2054 elizanelsonpianostudio@gmail.com Ages 5+ (incl. adults), beginner to advanced. Classical, technique, method books. Yes
Sarah Ord North Salt Lake (801) 703-7438 sardurrant32@gmail.com All ages and skill levels. Play-based learning for younger students. Yes
Louise Pledge Bountiful (385) 399-7475
(385) 243-8353
louisepledge@yahoo.com All ages, all levels. Music appreciation, playing skills with an emphasis on chords and theory. Yes
Diana Portzline Farmington (801) 882-0945 dianaportzline@gmail.com www.portzlinemusicacademy.com Private, partner, and group piano lessons. Yes
Julene Robbins North Salt Lake (travels to students) (801) 936-9681 julenej@gmail.com Beginning to advanced intermediate, children and adults. Classical training, music the student likes to play. Yes
Akeila Romney Centerville (801) 884-3863 akeilaromney@gmail.com All ages, beginner through intermediate. Young learners. Yes
Rebecca Russon Bountiful (801) 295-7789 rlsruss@msn.com All ages, beginning to advanced. Classical foundation, note-
reading, technic, theory, including fun music (movie, broadway, and pop).
Margaret Dibble Simon Kaysville (801) 663-4034 margaretsimonpiano@gmail.com     Yes
Kathleen Smoot Kaysville (801) 444-9922 kprsmoot@yahoo.com Ages 4 to 18.   Yes
Carrie Taylor Bountiful/ North Salt Lake (801) 641-0589 carrie.taylormusic@gmail.com All ages.   Yes
McCalle Tobler North Salt Lake/Davis County (385) 383-5342 mactobler213@gmail.com All ages and skill levels. Technique, music theory, sight-reading, ear training, artistic performance. Yes
MaryAnn Warner Bountiful (801) 913-5359 maryann.moore@gmail.com Beginner   Yes
Diane Weinstein North Salt Lake (travels to students) (435) 901-1367  dianepjw@gmail.com Ages 8 and up. Focuses on technical aspects, music the student enjoys. Yes
Lori Wiser Hooper (435) 881-2680 curriculumoflife@gmail.com Beginning to intermediate, ages 5 and up.   Yes